Do negative seo against your competition for 5 $


You might have heard of negative seo after google updates and thought of it would be great idea to crush your competitor but never been able to do so because it was not viable for you.

But now it is !! you can also do negative seo against your competitor like big guys to gain ranking for as little as 5 $ !! yes, you heard that right .

I will do a link blast of 200,000 for 5 $ right now . This links are specially selected for bringing down your competition from there rank in google .

You will also get report that blast is done in this format

you might be thinking that why I don’t give links itself because If I do then it will be spread out through the internet and the list would become useless and your competitor would jump back in google and that is not good for anyone

My prices are as follow for the blast

BLAST                              PRICE ($)

200 k                                           5

500 k                                          10

1000 k                                        20

2000 k                                        35

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